Suicide Sadie
Creepy pasta oc ref suicide sadie by pnckes-d98ecug
Some attributes
Species Human (ghost)
Sex Female
Origin Story WIP
Other attributes

(NOTE: While this character doesn't currently have an official canon creepypasta yet, her creator is working on it. Suicide Sadie is a popular character and there is a lot of misinformation floating around about her so this page exists to set the record straight.)

Suicide Sadie is a creepypasta OC created by pnckes.


Sadie Marie Bennet's mother died of cancer, which mentally took a toll on her and her father. Her father became very depressed and used alcohol as an outlet, eventually taking out his emotional and physical rage out on his own daughter. She was terrified of going to the police over this and it drug her further into a depression, causing her to start self harming to make sure she was still feeling. Eventually she couldn't take it anymore and quickly slit her own throat but it got sloppy and ended up slicing her own eye.

She came back as a ghost, took possession of her father, slit his own throat and staged it to look like a double suicide. Ever since then, Sadie has acted as a protective spirit towards children especially those who have been abused like her, since she doesn't want them to end up in the same boat as her.

Sadie has a very reserved personality and is usually in a major depressive state and emotionless. She's a very depressing person to be around but very motherly to certain people. Around children specially the abused she becomes overprotective and highly aggressive towards others.

All in all she is very neutral but when it comes to people abusing others (especially children) she will stalk and drive the abuser slowly insane, giving them one warning to change their ways. If they continue she will kill them and stage their death to either look like a suicide or an accidental death. Other than that she tends to stay out of sight.

Miscellaneous informationEdit

  • She was 18 years old at the time of her death.
  • She's British but currently lives in Moscow, Pennsylvania.
  • She likes peacefulness, quiet places, her mothers grave/graveyard, "saving lives" and soaring through the sky. She dislikes violence towards children, rude behavior and bullying in general.
  • She's bisexual.
  • She's uncontrollable when angry and her hair goes wild when enraged.
  • She was originally in a canon relationship with Kagekao until their creators stopped corresponding with each other and the both of them started shipping them with different OCs.

Who created them?Edit

Her creator is pnckes.