Don t look up rouge creepypasta by lazycatlady-d73anrg
Some attributes
Species Human
Sex Female
Origin Story

Don't Look Up by LazyCatLady

Other attributes

Rouge, formerly known as Heather Marshall, is a creepypasta character and a proxy of Slender Man.


Heather Marshall was slowly loosing her humanity after a miscarriage followed by the death of her fiancé’ in a car accident, then years later she ran away from home after they threaten her to take her to the loon house due to the fact that she use to cut herself for fun or so they thought. Though, she just lost interest in everyone and became antisocial after the tragedy. She is currently living deep in the woods as one of Slender Man’s proxies along side other proxies.

Her method of killing is odd, she strikes from above. She uses her gloves to climb trees, stalk her victim and then jump down, pinning them and claw out their face. She cares for the other proxies, viewing them as her young since she never got the chance to be the mother she wanted to become. She’s somewhat of an older sisterly/motherly figure to younger proxies.


She is motherly towards the proxies, obedient to Slender Man, adventurous and curious. She is sadistic, takes pride and joy in doing what she does and rarely shows any emotion after killing (she feels no guilt or pity). She is quite clever/witty and toys around with her victim before going in for the final blow. She is very aggressive towards strangers, though she won't attack unless provoked by them. When she isn’t killing or ‘babysitting’, she’ll be out cold on the branch of a tree (most of the time at least).

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Miscellaneous informationEdit

  • She likes beer, taking care of the other proxies, heights, wooded areas, dimmed lights and the sight of blood. She dislikes bright lights, water( she cannot swim and has a phobia of water) and the sound of gun shots.
  • She yips like a coyote to scare her victims.
  • She either sleeps on tree tops or in abandoned cabins.