(Note: This is my first time being here, and so, this might be bad. But let's start this!)

Nintendo 66

I was a big Nintendo fan, especially of the consoles. I had every one except the Nintendo 64, because I was born after it's release. So, I decided to go see if they had one at my local videogame store. I asked the clerk, "Do you have any Nintendo 64s in stock?" He said, "Yes... But are you sure you want it? Some say it's haunted." Me, blinded by excitement, said, "Yes!" The clerk took me to a secret room under the store, and on a pedestal at the end, there was the Nintendo 64, along with a copy of Super Mario 64. I asked, "How much?" The clerk said, "It's free. Just get it out of here." I excitedly took it and the cartridge home, and plugged it into my TV. I powered it on, inserted Super Mario 64, and I hit play.

My only wish now was that I hadn't.

It started up normal, but when Mario was supposed to say, "It's-a-me, Mario!", it was silence. When I got to the file selection screen, there was four files, but I couldn't select them. There was a fifth file, and it was the only one I could select. I also noticed that it had 121 Stars. I thought to myself, "That's weird. I thought for sure there was 120." I selected the file, and I spawned inside the castle, but the castle was different. It was overgrown, and all the doors, except the one to Bob-omb Battlefield, were blocked off. Where the Toad once stood, there was a small puddle of blood. I ignored it and went to Bob-omb Battlefield. There was only one Star to choose from, called "Mario's Last Stand." I went into the level, and it was different too. The sky was black and red, and there were no coins or enemies. When I got to the mountain where King Bob-omb was, his dialogue was different. He said, "Mario... You have been killing my kind for way too long... This is where you will fall!" The battle started, and King Bob-omb suddenly had a knife! When he hit Mario with the knife, he took 3 points of damage, and a little bit of blood came out. I defeated him in the usual method, and when I defeated him, he said, "Looks like this is the end of my story. That was a good fight." He exploded and a Star came out. As soon as I grabbed the star, the game crashed. A text box appeared, saying "You killed him, Mario. Great job! You know who's next, right?" Mario picked up the knife, and he looked at me. Then, the game crashed again. The cartridge ejected itself, and the Nintendo 64 started smoking. I decided, "I never want to see that thing again!" So, I took it outside and smashed it, and the cartridge, to pieces. This experience has emotionally scarred me, so please, don't buy a used N64. If you do... well, I hope you don't have the experience I did.