Matt Dymerski (aka M59Gar) is a redditor and horror author on r/nosleep. He is the writer of Psychosis and the Asylum series, both of which have been expanded upon and made into short books, which he currently sells on Amazon and at his website.


Matt Dymerski's stories can be found on r/nosleep. Some of his stories can also be found on the Creepypasta Wikia in the category Pages written by Matt Dymerski/Gar.

Notable stories include Psychosis, Asylum (Series), Nostophobia, The Angel Without a Face, The Demon Without a Name, etc.


There has been very little negative feedback on any of Matt's stories. In fact, Psychosis has been held as "The best creepypasta of all time," with the Asylum Series coming in at a close second.


  • The article comments include a large amount of the criticism Psychosis has recieved.