loud house . Avi 2 i was walking around a flee market there was nothing i really like until I saw something that caught my eye of was a DVD case with the words loud house . avi written in sharpie i asked the ladie how much it was she said i could have it free when I got home I popped it into my DVD player what I saw was odd the intro was staticy but when the title card showed Lori with a mad expression with bloodshot eyes the episode started off with a outside view of the house it showed Lori on her bed her sibling and parent's barge in and demanding her help and she ends up dropping her phone and breaking she then yells at them to get out even leni she then says i fucking hate them all i was shocked this was a kid show she then gets a idea and says with a evil grin tonight i will get rid of them .

That night Lori sneakes out of the window and go's over to the stump and pulls out lana's axe she then climbs back up into her room and sees leni sleeping in her bed i was not prepared for what happened next Lori then hits leni in the head with the axe blood brains skull gushing out of her head she then looks through her peephole to see Luna walking down the stairs shdthen gets a cup of water Lori then grabs Luna by the hair and pushes her head in the sink Luna then trashed around  before going still she then walks in their room then  chops off luan's head grabs it and says you weren't a head of this she then  let's  out's a evil laugh HAHAHAHAHA she then notices lana walking into the bathroom when see is about to walk out Lori then hits her in the gut with It lana then falls on her back dead she then walks in their room and sees Lola doing her makeup she then grabs her neck and twisted it with a cringey CRACK she then walks in Lucy and  lynns room and cuts open Lynn's stomach showing her innards she then pulls out each organ one by one very  gruesomely when she finally pulled out Lynn's heart and lungs she was done  Lori then grabs Edwin and bashes it Lucy's skulls the aftermath was very horrifying Lucy's head was not ven recognizeable any more she then walks into lily and Lisa's room she then splashed acid onto Lilly dissolving her  then she grabs a rope and hangs up Lisa she then gouged out Lincoln's eyes  and eats them she then kills her parents ways that I can't even describe she then says YES I FINALLY DID IT HAHAHA the last scene of the episode showed all of the body's off her family while Lori's evil laughter played over it . I took the DVD out and hid it away i never watched the loud house ever again if you find this DVD DO NOT WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!