Lost Silver
Lost silver wallpaper by suchanartist13-d7f3j04
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Species Fictional Character
Sex Male
Origin Story Pokémon Lost Silver
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Pokémon Lost Silver is a creepypasta story about a disturbing hacked Gameboy Color cartridge for the game Pokémon Silver. It has inspired fan-made artwork and several fan games.


The unnamed narrator of the creepypasta is a Pokémon fan who claims to have bought a used, bargain priced copy of the game at GameStop. But after he loading the game onto his Game Boy, he noticed something odd about the saved game left behind by the previous owner of the cart. The previous owner of the game simply named their trainer “…”, and had maxed out their money, levels and their PokeDex.

The active party left behind by the previous owner contained a Cyndaquill and five Unowns. The narrator tells us that the Unowns spelled out the word “LEAVE,” and the Cyndaquill was named “HURRY.” The player finds himself trapped in a still, silent version of Bellsprout Tower and tries to use “Flash” in order to illuminate a dark area, only to have it produce an ominous red glow.

Other events include the Cyndaquill's death, the Unowns spelling out messages like “DYING” and “NO MORE,” and a battle with the trainer from Pokémon Red/Blue that culminates with Celebii and a tormented-looking Pikachu using Perish Song and Destiny Bond to simultaneously kill off each other. At the end of the creepypasta, “…” becomes a ghost and is forever trapped alongside several Pokémon graves.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • "Lost Silver" is often used to refer to the main character of the eponymous game. This is actually inaccurate, as the character is never referred to as such in the game or the story. In-game, the character is named "...," while the narrator of calls him 'Gold'. Calling the character "Lost Silver" is purely for the sake of convenience, as more people will understand what you're referencing if you say "Lost Silver" instead of "...".
  • The story is also often inaccurately labeled as a "haunted gaming pasta" even though nothing supernatural happens in the story and there's nothing to suggest that "..." or "Lost Silver" is anymore than a piece of coding in a rom hack.
  • The earliest known posting of the pasta comes from a 4chan thread submitted on June 6th, 2010.

Who created them?Edit

Unknown as the story was posted anonymously.