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Some attributes
Species Human (presumably)
Sex Male
Origin Story Dr. Smiley by BunsDream
Other attributes

Dr. Smiley is a character that appears in the creepypasta of the same name.

Dr. Smiley

Unlike regular doctors who try to save their patients' lives, Dr. Smiley welcomes death and seeks to help his "patients" embrace it. Operating outside of a dilapidated looking small building with chipped paint, shudders hanging by a small strip of wood and cardboard covering the windows, Dr. Smiley lures in sick people (like a woman with anorexia or someone suffering from a condition causing their body to slowly break down) off the street with the promise of free treatment. Once they are inside however, the patient is injected with an unknown bluish liquid before being strapped to a table. Dr. Smiley then waits for the victim to wake up before cutting into their body with a scalpel until they bleed to death, after which he removes one of their organs as a "specimen".


Dr. Smiley is very sadistic, taking great pride in mutilating his victims and preferring his victims to be awake as he gruesomely "operates" on them. Despite this, he seems to sincerely believe that he's helping his victims and that what he does to them is a good thing.

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Miscellaneous Information

  • This image, [1] commonly associated with Dr. Smiley and featured on the very first post of the story is not Dr. Smiley and has nothing at all to do with the story. BunsDream was 11 years when she wrote the story and obviously didn't know at that age that art theft was bad so she just grabbed the picture off of Google images and used it for the story. As she got older BunsDream grew to regret this, removed the image from the story when she got older and realized what art theft was, repeatedly stated that the image wasn't hers and that it had nothing to do with Dr. Smiley and eventually grew to hate Dr. Smiley so much that she deleted the story off her Deviantart.
  • Dr. Smiley is described as having sharp teeth in the story and when asked what color the doctor's eyes were, BunsDream said they were red. This could mean Dr. Smiley is possibly inhuman.
  • Dr. Smiley has no canonical name and backstory and any story claiming to be his backstory is a fanfiction. So no, Dr. Smiley's name is not "Devin Lee Smiley" and nothing described in that story is in any way canon.