Bob turntable animation by dimelotu-d6fdmd2
Some attributes
Species Unknown
Sex Male
Origin Story BOB by unknown author and Another Perspective on BOB by Anthony Rose
Other attributes

Brutal Obscene/Obscure Beast or simply "BOB" is the antagonist of several creepypastas.


BOB is often depicted as an hairless humanoid being with grey skin, no arms, beady eyes and small sharp teeth.

According to the story now known as "Another Perspective on BOB" BOB can crush bones with the strength of his legs and he has long sharp toenails that can tear flesh, along with the ability to urinate a sulfur smelling pea-green substance that can cause sickness.


The story about the creature emerged when an image of a naked, pale human like creature running down a dirt road in the night, along with a persons' encounter with BOB, was posted on the /x/ board on 4chan and then later added by somebody else on the Creepypasta Wiki (under the title "Another Perspective On BOB" due to the other BOB story being more well known). The person who published the image and info about his encounter was often called Anthony Rose by friends, though whether that was his actual name is unknown.

After Anthony Rose's post, started writing there own stories about BOB. One of these stories, simply titled "BOB", has eclipsed the original in terms of popularity and general knowledge of it's existence.

Who created them?Edit

Anthony Rose.